Eyelete is a jewelry in the form of miniature 
teleidoscope. It transforms the space you are looking at into the kaleidoscope mosaic. Eyelete allows us define a new our memories of the childhood toy. Today, in its new form it is not only a fashionable accessory, but a one of a kind jewel which can transform grey everyday life into a magical world. 

Every model is made in its entirety from sterling silver, it stirs our imagination not only through its visual side but also its unique patterns. It’s also intriguing in its touch.
Its like the sensualists used to say „there is nothing in the mind which doesn’t exist in the senses” and eyelette certainly influences our senses.

The designers of eyelette, a duet of young designers, used their experiences in fashion, graphics and design in the creation of a unique collection of optical jewelry.

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